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Taralli round italian

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Apulian taralli are a salty snack suitable for any time of day; as an aperitif, on a relaxing break, during a tasty meal, in front of the TV.
Its simple components make it suitable for everyone, it does not contain animal fats or added sugars.

We offer them in the round version, classic.

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Taralli are a classic product of the southern regions of Italy and are born from the few foods available, wheat flour, olive oil, white wine and salt.
Mainly it is a ring of unleavened dough baked in the oven, but it can take other shapes dictated by the production area.
Over time, additional ingredients have been added to the traditional dough to give it more flavor, such as fennel seeds, chilli, rosemary, onion.
This is the version of the Puglia region.
The taralli of the Campania region are larger in size, have different ingredients (animal fat, pepper) and are also produced in the sweet version and with the addition of dried fruit.

Weight250 g
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 cm


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