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Sbrisolona cake

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The Sbrisolona cake is typical of the city of Manuta and in general of Lombardy and the neighboring regions. The name comes from the term “brisa” wich in dialect mantovano means crumb and this term indetifies with precision the type ofa cake, very crumble.

The firts recipe refers to the court of the Gonzaga in Mantua in 1600.
Today as ingredient we use wheat ad corn flour, sugar, butter and hazelnuts. The two flours and the sugar are added in equal parts and once this sweet was called “three cups cake”.
The characteristic of its preparation is that the ingredient should not be smalled, but they are blenden in a fast and coarse way and so when doing the sweet in presents itself whit an irregular consistency.

In consideration of its consistency, the cake in not cut into slices but breaked by hands. You can taste with a liqueur wine or accompany with cream.

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