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Savoiardi De Mori

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The savoiardi cookies De Mori respect  the original recipe piedmontese and  are excellent biscuits dipped in milk or coffee, but their frothy characteristic has made them essential to prepare any spoon dessert such as tiramisu or charlotte, precisely because it harmonizes with any cream becoming a greedy and unsurpassed unicum.
The ladyfingers are also excellent served with a traditional zabaglione cream, the classic combination of the Turin aristocratic salons of the 1800s.

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Savoyard biscuits take their name from the Savoy region and it seems that they were created in 1348, by a pastry chef of the court of Amedeo VI, who decided to serve them during a lunch organized in honor of the royals of France.
The success was immediate and the Savoiardi were officially adopted by the Royal House of Savoy and thus they were also known in France and the United Kingdom.
In Italy they spread to all the regions that came into contact with the Savoy, they are in fact well known in Sardinia and Sicily, but clearly the original recipe was reinterpreted by local pastry chefs.



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