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Pasta fregola Brundu

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The “fregola” is a typically Sardinian pasta format.
They are small irregular spheres that vaguely resemble couscous, and which are obtained by ripping off large semolina doughs on the wall of a crock container

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Their name comes from the Latin “ferculum”, which meant “crumb”.
Fregola is a very particular type of pasta, as is its cooking. In fact, the fregola is prepared in the same way as risotto, first toasting it and then letting it cook slowly with broth on sauces and various condiments.

The most traditional preparation is in fact the “incasada”, with the fregola is slowly cooked and seasoned with a simple sauce of fresh tomato and then with plenty of grated Sardinian pecorino.

But the most popular recipes see it served together with clams or sea anemones.


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