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The classic “robata” breadsticks from Turin respect the original recipe, and are excellent with cold cuts, vegetables in oil, or even alone. Crunchy at the right point.

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The name “grissino” derives from the Piedmontese word “ghersa”, which indicates the classic traditional bread with an elongated shape.
The birth of this crumbly bread is closely linked to the city of Turin and tradition tells that the king’s baker, Antonio Brunero, in 1679 conceived this type of bread without crumbs on the recommendation of the royal doctor, as the little prince did not eat.
Thanks to their high digestibility and long conservation, success was immediate and they became widespread in Italy and consumed at any time of day.
The most ancient and traditional form of the breadstick is the robatà (meaning “rolled”), 40 to 80 centimeters long which is easily recognized by the characteristic knotty, due to the processing and rolling done by hand.
More recent is the stretched breadstick which differs from rubatà in that the dough, instead of being rolled, is stretched, which gives the final product greater friability.


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