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Crisp tongue Mario Fongo

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the crunchy tongues produced by Mario Fongo are a spectacle, of taste, smells, crunchiness, not to be missed with cheese, cold cuts, vegetables in oil.

The Italian name is “mother-in-law’s tongue”!

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The tongue is a typical Italian baked product and in the original version they have a thin, irregular and elongated shape, as they are pulled by hand.
It is a dry bread, halfway between a breadstick and a leavened bread.
Their main feature is their crunchiness. They are an excellent substitute for bread for a quick lunch or dinner, and perfect for pairing with cold cuts and cheeses for an aperitif.
They can be served both hot and cold and enriched with cherry tomatoes, Taggiasca olives or with various spices to give them different aromas and fragrances.


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