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Cremino Fiat Majani 1796

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In 1911 a pastry competition was held to celebrate the production of a Fiat Tipo 4 car, and Majani 1796 from Bologna proposed the 4-layer cremino, thus managing to win over the other Turin masters expert in chocolate.

Four layers of soft chocolate with a heavenly taste.


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A bit of history.
The origins of Majani start from 1796 are located in a small pastry shop in Bologna, occupied by Napoleonic troops.
In 1832 the “Majani zest” was created and it is the first form of solid chocolate produced in Italy.

After the Unification of Italy in 1860 Majani began to participate in the various universal exhibitions that are the first initiatives to bring together people and products in the world.
In 1878, he became the official supplier of the House of Savoy.
In 1911 the 4-layer cremino was created.

Weight250 g
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 cm


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