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Cantucci cookies Mattei

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In the 19th century, Antonio Mattei, a pastry chef from Prato, developed a recipe for it, with which he received numerous awards at trade fairs in Italy and abroad, including a special mention at the 1867 Universal Exhibition in Paris.
The dough is made of flour, sugar, eggs, almonds, butter: you can replace sugar with honey and butter with olive oil. The almonds are neither roasted nor peeled.

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Cantucci also called Prato biscuits, are elaborated in the sixteenth century in Tuscany and originally did not contain almonds.
In 1691 there is a document that defines it: “sliced biscuit, made of fine flour, with sugar and egg white”.
Almond, as an ingredient, is included in the second half of the 19th century.
They are dry almond biscuits, obtained by cutting the hot loaf of dough into slices.
They are part of the most typical desserts of the Tuscan culinary tradition, especially paired with vin santo.


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