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Baci di dama

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The baci di dama are a great classic of Piedmontese pastry, two biscuits joined by chocolate. The ingredients are carefully selected and the original recipe with Piedmontese hazelnuts is proposed.

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The baci di dama are originally from Tortona, a piedmontese municipality, and are composed of two parts of dough held together by chocolate.
The two round biscuits that thus come together seem to romantically kiss, united in the romantic embrace by a drop of dark chocolate. From this derives the romantic name of the piedmontese cookies.
Originally the recipe provided for the use of piedmontese hazelnuts, but the recipe was modified in 1810 with the presence of almonds and was patented with the name of “baci dorati”.
Of the famous and sweet “baci di dama” there are today several recipes and interpretations and one of the most famous is certainly that of the “baci di Alassio” which provides for the addition of cocoa and honey in the dough of the biscuits.


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