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Amaretti di Sassello Virginia 1860

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Sassello macaroons fall into the category of “soft macaroons” and the recipe includes the following unique ingredients: sugar, apricot almonds (armelline) and egg white.
They are small hemispheres with a cracked surface and soft interior; they have the characteristic scent of almond with that note of “amaretto” that is at the origin of the name.

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In Sassello (Liguria) in 1860 the owner of a tavern prepares typical sweets of the holiday area, soft macaroons. A patron proposes to give the Virginia brand to these cookies, as he was smoking a cigar of that company.
Already in 1892 the Virginia macaroons were awarded and over time international awards arrived.

Today the macaroons of Sassello are produced by a few companies that have preserved their legal with the territory


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