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Italian pasta

Pasta is a strange topic; over the centuries every people has combined water and flour and every people has developed some products, with yeast or without yeast, which are part of their cultural baggage.
It is incredible how, if we stop to think, all humanity has carried out the same path of evolution, following different paths but arriving at comparable results.
While I write these words, my thoughts turn to Chinese spaghetti, Japanese noodels, Jewish unleavened bread, Italian piadina, soft bread of Arab origin produced in the Middle East, which was and is used to take the dish without using a fork from a common dish.
The reflections are many, I wanted to talk about pasta, but I let the thought wander freely.
Are we talking about products with yeast and without? We’ll talk about it… in the next episodes ..

Today we begin the journey into the world of Italian pasta

But why is Italian cuisine so fashionable? Why is pizza becoming a product that the whole world appreciates?
Then Italian pasta is obtained from the union of hard grade and water.
Just that.
In appearance it is almost too simple, water and flour combined and the dough left to dry.
Let’s not talk about what to combine with pasta, we’ll talk about it…
But from experience I have verified that when I look at something that is done, a product or a service, which seems the simplest thing ever, always hides one or more secrets that lead to what you see (or eat) …
The simpler a thing is, the more complex it is?
I wanted to talk about pasta and I’m doing philosophy.

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